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UK 2Asp AutoSig / UK 3Asp CtrlSig / UK 4Asp JuncSig


Designates the number of lenses the signal head features, denoted by the number before the Asp.

Modern Color Light signals feature all over the world. Those included in RailWorks?, and prefixed by UK are designed to replicate the visual appearance of signals found operating on the UK network in 2006.

Artwork was generated from diagrams provided by the Railway Standards Group – GK/RT0031 Line Side Signals and Indicators


  • 2 Aspect Signals display Red and Green. or Yellow and Green. These are a direct modernisation of the Semaphore system of stop signals and warning or distant signals. When used, the distance between the warning and stop signals should be equal to or greater than the stopping distance of the trains to be used.
  • 3 Aspect Signals display Red, Yellow and Green. These are a combined form of the 2 Aspect stop and warning signals and thus when used, the distance between these should be equal to or greater than the braking distance of the trains to be used.
  • 4 Aspect Signals display Red, Yellow, Double Yellow and Green. The addition of the Double Yellow is to give twice the warning distance of an approaching Red signal, as with the 3 Aspect arrangement. This is because 4 Aspect signals are used on faster lines where trains need longer to stop. Spacing of these signals should equate to half the distance required for the trians in use, to stop.

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