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Section 0 Status Updates

In this section read updates on the implementation of new features, release of addons and the fixing of important bugs.

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Unsupported Software

Creative ALchemy

There is a known issue that the use of ALchemy by Creative, causes ill effects and erratic behaviour of AI. http://www.soundblaster.com/alchemy/ (external link)
Current recommendation is to disable the use of ALchemy when running RailWorks?.

Asus Xonar DX Audio Center

There is a known issue that the use of EAS Emulation with Asus Xonar DX sound cards, causes ill effects and in many cases RailWorks? to stop functioning.
Current recommendation is to disable the use of EAX Emulation in this software when running RailWorks?.


Unhandled Exception Occurred in the Package Manager

Installing an RPK/RWP using the Package Manager, causes a crash
The Development Team would like anyone with an RPK/RWP that causes the Package Manager to crash when installing, to mail it to for analysis. Please note, we are not offering a repair service.


An error asks you to save a Diagnostic File

If you ever encounter an issue in RailWorks?, and a message prompts you to save a diagnostic file, please do so. Please email this file to along with details about what version of RailWorks? you have and what you were doing at the time the error occurred.

Signals sometimes become stuck on red during a scenario.

When playing a scenario there are rare cases when a signal which should become clear does not and remains stuck on red. 9/10 cases are down to incorrect placement of the signal links.
If you come across this situation in a default RailWorks? route, please email the lon/lat to .

Currently the BNSF named US signal assets in RailWorks? are missing their associated LUA scripts which enable them to function.
Developers are advised to replace these with, and instead use the identical and fully functional Def2 US signal assets.
This issue is currently awaiting investigation.

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